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... I would not use the service on principle. I like to keep the money flowing to hard working professionals that are in my local economy - so they can STAY in my local economy.
This is a good principle but I wonder what would happen if everybody would follow it with every merchandise and service (audio gear, software, cars, phones, clothes, technologie, etc ). The world would be radically different and not necessarily better.

I’ve hired a lot of online recordings: vocals (EEUU, New Zealand, France, UK), drums (EEUU), guitars (France, New Zealand), guitar bass (New Zealand), Horns (EEUU), mastering (UK, Abbey Road to be precise). I’m extremely satisfied with my experiences, may be because I provide plenty of written instructions, samples and scores to the musicians and I use to have phone calls with them for extra comments after each session.

Obviously, nothing compares with the experience of recording all together in the same studio, but sometimes this is simply not possible.