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Igormink, do not abandon your idea. The Eastern Europe countries have excellent interpreters of classical music and, undoubtedly, can give an outstanding service at very competitive prices. I do not think that the market for classical music instruments is very broad, but the use of strings in pop music is undeniable.

As already mentioned in this thread, some good samples of what you can do, would be essential. In fact, and in my opinion, you should have already uploaded some samples, because without them we are participating blindly.

I do not believe that creating a website is a very costly investment compared to your studio.

On the other side, I do not understand the reason of using the email for transferring files as you’ve mentioned. Maybe I’ve misunderstood your comment. It’s not a good idea. There are countless cloud storage services for data transfer at very economical prices.

Maybe you should also reflect on your idea of not charging customers until they are satisfied. I have the feeling that after two or three disappointments, you would reconsider the suitability of your collection system.

By the way, I’m a potential customer of yours .
My point exactly, we have really nice musicians here and I think we could make good service for affordable price (still researching). I'm in a process of making a web site and I'll put some examples on it, but I can also send you some examples if you woul like to hear them. Regarding the transferring of files, I just said email, it could of course be done as you suggested or by any other way of communication. Thanks for support and if you have any questions about some details, please let me know.

P.S. I'm also thinkning of Skype so the client could be "there" with us if he wants and I'm planning also to record movie clips for the client's archive.