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I think it could work in this case. Even a whole 4 minute song should be doable. I think in most cases the midi will be fairly simple. If the players are decent all they should need is to hear it once and maybe see a chord sheet, do a couple takes of a simple part should be great provided the room is decent. Maybe even do another take with some embellishments and knock out 2-3 songs per hour. I'd be thrilled to have that.

Just set a rate for yourself and for musicians and see what happens. Like I said before if you can fill up a full day session for strings one day... it could be worth it for everyone and if you're looking for work to fill out your schedule it'd beat staring at your amazing gear in your amazing room, not having work.

I know I'd try out your service for drums and strings, and if it was good you'd have continued work through me.
I had some meetings during this weekend and I will sort out the conditions and prices I guess until the end of this week. Thank you for nice words of support and If you would like to know some details about equipment, workflow or maybe get some pictures and sounds, please let me know