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Originally Posted by m_lameiro View Post
Elisya xpressor is a killer for the price very good... and also very versatile... for the buck that's the one...
We had one of the dual rack versions of the Elysia Xpressor here until a few weeks ago (I sold it with a view to partially funding a second 176...).

However I agree with all three of the things you're saying here. It's good. It's versatile and it is bang for buck.; All of which were reasons I was a bit sad to part with it.

In the context of this thread: "if you had to choose 1 outboard compressor" - the Xpressor is well worth the mention you've given it. That is' it does a number of different things well, and doesn't impart so much of its own character to constrain the style and intent of use.

In a rack where there are numerous other choices for outboard compression, those qualities are not in as much demand, with the result that I found the Xpressor more taking the role of a useful extra rather than a core tool. In different circumstances (perhaps in its new home) I can see it getting a lot more use.