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Old 12th March 2017
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I don't like to hamper anyones creative ideas, but the reality of this working out long term are,IMO, slim. Not one of my clients, composing friends or professional musicians would go for this for the following reasons.

1. clients want to be there at the recording to direct the players correctly
2. professional players are £120 each - and that goes higher depending on the player.
3.this is business, and business is about relationships - hard to develop without meeting/socialising with the person you're working with.

Finally there is something about it that screams about the whole "dumbing"down / lowering in quality of the industry as a whole - personally that is not something I aspire to be a part of or believe in, so even if you were cheaper with close enough results to what I would want achieved, I would not use the service on principle. I like to keep the money flowing to hard working professionals that are in my local economy - so they can STAY in my local economy.

Rant over, and I do wish you luck if you go ahead with this endeavour.