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I didn't know where to put the question, so if it is in the wrong place, I'm sorry.
I have a recording studio in Croatia. The recording room is big (and high). The acoustic is great (professionally treated). Also we are equiped with new and vintage gear (Studer desk, tape machines, plate reverbs, vintage high end mics..).
I also have acces to all kind of professional musicians - from drummers, guitar and bass guitar players to classical instruments (strings, french horns, tubas, you name it). They can play written music or they can make arrangements.
The question is - do you guys think that someone would be interesting in arrangements and recordings of those instruments for whatever needs? For example, you are working on a pop song and need strings or brass - you can send me a demo or tracks, I can record whatever instrument or ensamble and return those tracks via email. I can also record them on tape, put them through EMT 140 plate, record drums on tape...
Obviously I need to make some good examples of sound, but that is a huge amount of work. Prior to that, do you guys think that service like this could be interesting to somenone?
I would consider the string and/or horn section part, but would definitely need examples recorded there first. As recordings are made, I would put together short demo snippets of everything you've recorded (with approval), and offer easy access to the files. Maybe also mention that these recordings are tailor made per artist, and that you would work with potential clients to make it work for them.