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Well, I think that maybe lot of studios have the equipment but it is expensive to record on it. Also, if you are in LA or in NY maybe finding those studios isn't a problem, but I guess you can't find Studers c37, J37, Telefunkens... on every step and in great working condition. On the other hand I had to make lot of contacts finding the right people for my projects (and Croatia has great many clasical players), so I imagine how much effort one person has to put to find good studio, right musicians and with the questionable result. This way I would offer the recording and you don't have to pay it until you are sattisfied. And you don't have to move from your house
I know this is not for everybody but in the world of ebay, door to door delivery etc. maybe someone would like to work that way. And as somebody mentioned in earlier posts, If few sessions can be merged in one day session, the price would be more than reasonable... I'm just trying to see If I can use my studio other than just recording bands that come on site
I think the idea is good until you start to look at the financial aspects. The service that you plan to offer already exists at major studios but is expensive. So you want to distinguish your service by taking the budget-conscious route and offering a cheaper option. However it might be impossible to make it cheap enough to be relevant because you have to pay musicians, rent, gear maintenance, etc. You will therefore be stuck in the middle offering a mid-priced solution for which there might not be a market. I'm not trying to be a downer, I'm just saying realistically this is the way I see it. You never know until you try though.