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Here for the gear

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be careful what you wish for...

we have been talking about this over the years, re recording all the old faves from the live set as they stand now with all the new twists that developed over the years. might happen one day.

a tour/album specific cd would just be an album, wouldn't it? i suppose you could write a load of tracks make a set out of them then record it.
i think this is the perfect time to make it happen you are back together again, writing new album, doing few shows later. after the release of the new album and last gigs for 2017, you could close the doors in your studio and record it

Live Style Album would be great as a gift to your loyal and occasionaly quite mad fans as myself and Matt Badger

CD1 - Satan (2010 breaks version please), Lush 3, Impact, Remind, Halcyon, The Box, Doctor, Belfast, Chime

CD2 - Are We Here?, Forever (the new version played on BBC 6 Music is fabulous!), The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, P.E.T.R.O.L., Way Out, Spare Parts Express, Style, You Lot, One Perfect Sunrise, Distractions.

something like that would be awesome...