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My version of that horn section would be 3 guys, trobone, trumpet and sax doing a couple of "pep pep peppedeppeppaauw" in A minor and be done with it...
(think this can be done in 15 min)
so find 3 high school students from a marching band near you, write out the charts for four songs and pay them each $20 for an hour of their time. 15 minutes a song, right?

I think there is a gap in that market still for the less demanding bedroom hobbyist.
To the extent that you and the OP have discussed numbers, it seems to me that you are very very far apart still. "I am less demanding- lower my price" ? But the real bottom line here is not the cost of 'doing it well' its the cost of doing it at all. Once they have a real studio and real musicians, how much can they save off their costs by doing a half-assed job? Not much.

The idea that they could 'accumulate' a day's worth of horn sections only works if they have a ton of business. Or if all the clients are willing to wait until a day's worth of work accumulates!

Actually my dream is to open up a free studio, a comunity arthub, where kids learn from pensioners, stuff gets build, repaired, recorded, and everybody with a talent and a need can apply to use it.... still have to figure how I'm going to eat.
details, details!

There is a free studio that opened in Brooklyn. It is funded by Converse - the sneaker company. It has created a lot of bitterness from the local community, because it is just one more factor killing the business of the small independent recording studios trying to keep their doors open in what should have been one of the most vibrant scenes left in the country. It is a public-relations gimmick for a giant international corporation, but even it was a do-gooder 'art-hub' it would still have the same negative impact on the small independent community studios trying to stay alive. .

I simply don't believe in commerce (nor communism nor any other system) it's all a big ponzie scheme anyway... if we only go the direction this market dictates were done,... we need to be creative and break out and take back the things that are being taken from us...
I think you can make an excellent case for all citizens being entitled to food clothing and shelter, health care, and education. The idea that all citizens should be entitled to recording time and horn sections strikes me as a reach. Nobody 'took that away from you'. In fact, IMO, you are privileged to live in a time when you can get a "tape deck" and a "mixing console" for the cost of a piece of software. A tape deck used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, in a time when the dollar was worth twice what it is today. And a console could cost a hundred grand.

In any case, those studio/horn section 'rights', should probably have to WAIT until, oh you know, everybody has FOOD to EAT and stuff like that.