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Originally Posted by Justin Frankel View Post
top priority, over actual functionality? What's the use of being the best looking DAW, if you don't have competitive features/performance/workflow/etc?
Of course features/performance/workflow should be top priority! I think what he means, and that I agree with, is that Reaper's functionality is at the point where focusing on the user interface for a little bit might be an excellent way to improve the overall program. There are so many great features, including some that no other program offers, but they've kind of got an "added on" type of feel in some of the menus and whatnot. As with Winamp, once the functionality and stability is there, adding the option of customizing the interface can really make the program feel more like "your own", which in this era of millions flocking to cheap diy recording, might be a big thing.

Or I could be completely wrong :p