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Old 10th March 2017
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Thank you for putting together the manual!!! It helped me continue to get a handle on this new creature. Of course, its reactions are so gain dependent that you can't proscribe for all situations but it's a really useful start.

I found sweet sounds combining "opposites", like the Hi end deck with low headroom, and then dialing the audible distortion back with the enhance knob, all the while adjusting the amount of gain in to get it just right. Another approach which brings a grittier distortion is hsving the headroom and deck selection to Pro but shifting the calibration to tracking, which also did something nice to the bass. I found extreme settings of bias (far left into less treble and maybe lower compression threshold?) counteracted by a few clicks of enhance. Starting to get there!

Langston, thanks for the call, btw. Righteous customer support. Can you speak to the compression threshold side of the bias control? Low mid comp sort of?

Thank you!