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I think I'm being misunderstood here,... I allready mentioned the exploitation thing...

My version of that horn section would be 3 guys, trobone, trumpet and sax doing a couple of "pep pep peppedeppeppaauw" in A minor and be done with it...
That's the type of horns I use or actually don't use because they all sound like sh*t... and I am also not going to rent a studio + horn section to have a couple of guys do "pep pep peppedeppeppaauw" in A minor for about 500,-
(think this can be done in 15 min)

Or send in a 4 bar drumloop to have that loop replaced by a 4 bar real drumkit playing the same groove... again, I'm not going to rent out a facility + drummer to record a 4 bar loop for 500,- ...I'm simply not going to as a hobbyist... ever ! (If you have a studio space and a kit setup this could be done in 5 min)

Handing over a full blown production, yes, that will intriduce the rates that go with a full blown production.... I think there is a gap in that market still for the less demanding bedroom hobbyist.

Actually my dream is to open up a free studio, a comunity arthub, where kids learn from pensioners, stuff gets build, repaired, recorded, and everybody with a talent and a need can apply to use it.... still have to figure how I'm going to eat.

I simply don't believe in commerce (nor communism nor any other system) it's all a big ponzie scheme anyway... if we only go the direction this market dictates were done,... we need to be creative and break out and take back the things that are being taken from us...

So I think there is a niche left as more people mentioned to be willing to use an affordable service like that...

The industy is changing anyway and the western paradigm of business is comming to an end.... adapt now, or be gone.

What happened to the majority of studio's ........ ..... all gone !
I think it could work in this case. Even a whole 4 minute song should be doable. I think in most cases the midi will be fairly simple. If the players are decent all they should need is to hear it once and maybe see a chord sheet, do a couple takes of a simple part should be great provided the room is decent. Maybe even do another take with some embellishments and knock out 2-3 songs per hour. I'd be thrilled to have that.

Just set a rate for yourself and for musicians and see what happens. Like I said before if you can fill up a full day session for strings one day... it could be worth it for everyone and if you're looking for work to fill out your schedule it'd beat staring at your amazing gear in your amazing room, not having work.

I know I'd try out your service for drums and strings, and if it was good you'd have continued work through me.