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I would love to hear some specifics of where you get caught up in the menus.. to be honest I end up spending very little time in them--they work very well for me... is it the organization of particular context menus, or just the fact that there are many of them?
I will have to open up the program again when I get back to the studio tonight! As I said, I think the issues I've run into are mostly organizational. For instance, the right-click menu in the effects window brings up many, many options (most of which are used sparingly or not at all). For the most part, the only things I'd need would be "add" and "delete", with other more advanced options in something like an "advanced" sub-menu. The program's primary menus have similar organizational issues that, in my opinion, inhibit work-flow due to the sheer number of options. While in more specific situations, the options are extremely welcome, for general tracking & mixing, I feel many of the advanced features could be better organized.

Thanks for listening