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Paul and Phil,

Thanks for doing this Q&A. You guys have been pivotal in my lifelong love of electronic music

I'm probably of similar age to you guys and have struggled to fully embrace modern DAWs, preferring to use hardware sequencers and mix straight to 2-track, much as we did back in the 90s. I'm curious as to how, over the decades, you've embraced the computer in the studio (or not). Did the merging of audio recording, MIDI and sampling into one application make sense to you? Did your composition methods change drastically as the software evolved and do you feel like those changes were audible (for better or worse) in your music?

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I love computers! hate staring at one all day though. but seriously , being able to do endless audio recording and manipulation alongside midi is fantastic. it was all a bit clunky in the nineties for sure , an atari being little better than an mmt8 but by the time logic audio came about i was very happy. the main difference now is that i can cult a track from many elements over time , incorporating one off analog synth moments with ever changing midi parts and audio mangling . where as in the past it was a case of , make all instruments do a thing , then jam it down onto dat as stereo , no multi tracking what so ever . there are good point to that for sure, speed and happy accidents . but as an artist i prefer to be be master of my tools rather than the other way around , and i can still do a stereo one off jam if i want .
we decide how to do it rather than having to do it a certain way. this can be a problem for some people as they get option paralysis and can never finish because they do have too many options. i think a big skill here is knowing the art of finishing. its a very underrated skill.