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I'll only speak for LA on this...

Really not a problem.
I think (unless it is a monitored session) your work would be a questionable result. Being in person for the record session will always be preferred.

I would not suggest this. You will lose money (and get a lot of angry players.) You can't leave things open-ended. Have you worked with writers and producers.. they will take as much as they can.

The big point about going overseas (and we do to places like Bratislava all the time on monitored sessions (source-connect)) is that we have to deal with musician union payouts here in Los Angeles. A single payment trumps long-term payouts.That's the benefit of going elsewhere with session players. I don't know how you will cost things but going by our standards on a 3 hour session, I'd assign a value to a player and assume you get 5-7 usable minutes of music per hour so if someone wants 14 violinists for a 5 minute piece of playing: 14 * player rate/hour * 1 hour to get what to charge them. And I would never (no offense) want your mix. You're the tracking engineer (even if printing to tape which would be an upcharge for time and materials) not the mix engineer. You will have no idea what the mix needs to be in the end.
Thank you very much for your input. I guess you are right in most of aspects. I guess it is true for LA, but of course, everybody is not in LA and I think pricess are higher in USA than in Croatia
Of course I would like to be payed, but amastering engeneers also collect the money after the client is sattisfied. Maybe we could start with some easier projects (one instrument or two) and then build our good feedback. We are not in a hurry.
And regarding the mix - of course I wouldn't mix it. I would send the tracks one by one and the only "mix" would be from stereo room condenser mic. For example - one mic on each instrument in string quartet, one room mic and one stereo mic - so 7 tracks in total, unprocessed. You can do whatever you want with them in the mix later.