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Thank you very much for answering
I asume I can make a pretty good price.These days I'm having conversations with musicians and we are trying to find a model that would be ok for clients and for us. The reason why I asked all this is because here in Croatia there are not lot of the bands and clients (small country), but I think that the world is a market and that could work. Of course, I would put a lot of examples on my web page (with short movies) and wouldn't charge until client is sattisfed.
Regarding the tape - I can record both on tape and digital at once, so we can make comaprison and regarding the EMT 140 (or Lexicon 224, AKG BX15...) If I have just one track, I can make five wet tracks (1,2,3,4,5 seconds reverb time) without EQ, so the client can choose the best reverb time for miks. I have 2 stereo tube units that sound different, so he can even pich the plate that he likes.
Here is a picture of recording a french horn for one of my songs