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$50?? To pay the horn players, the studio engineer, the studio, the maintenance guy, the electricity...???

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Like I sayd, that would not be possible without exploiting people.... but for me as a hobbyist doing my thing 50,- is about what I could spend for a service like that.
I can get a local horn section + studio no problem.... great facilities here just a few blocks away, like MCO and Wisseloord, but I don't have the budget to record a horn section there, just for the fun of it... for doodling around. But trowing 50,- at the occasional doodle, yes, I would.

If a recorddeal was involved things would change... budgets would change.

So from my perspective this probably would not work unless rates were really low.
If you give them time to accumulate similar orders(which at that rate you should)...if the engineer and musicians could schedule a full day out of it, knock out each song in 20 minutes it might be sustainable and worthwhile. More than a few musicians would still be tough, but it could work. No one would be getting rich, but it would no longer be a musical charity.