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well it was the main thing after a while , whenever i had the chance to offer it to some client , just a fast layback on groups or even stereo and ask if they'd like that .

9/10 said yes and i added a fee on the price as a sound enhancement. 20-30 e/track depending on the client.

I once had a client who refused an a80 1/2" stereo layback , well that was weird... damn it was twice the sound

The reason i say main thing is that many people came after that with mixed material looking for just a layback for the enhancement ... , though i don't recommend such practice cause the signal is really not ready to be recorded on tape , everyone used it in the end.

Now about keeping track of the earnings, i did not track them simply because i was never a sound engineer as a day job. I'm a programmer , so sound is my very very serious hobby , i certainly throw more money in the pit than i earn from it but i think if someone is a serious professional with good tape machines and a way to shout about it(laybacks) im pretty sure people will bite.

But as i said , we kept it on a budget and the time spent doing it as a procedure was also very small.

When you think that most people go to mastering engineers to get a "Warmer" / "Analog" result there's certainly a need out there...

To sum up , i think if you have them laying around it's a good choice to start advertising this service , i really saw people get interested.
9/10 of them responded as hearing the result more "official" or closer to "end product". (1/10 is the odd person).

P.S. Someone could think that i was there advertising tape and analog , shouting that this is the best and stuff.
I really don't do that , 99% of the time I'm curious myself , especially with the JH-16 , man that thing was savage.
The A/B test is always done by the client with his eyes closed and his finger on the A/B and the signals were carefully matched.