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Old 9th March 2017
Remote recording is nothing new - self recording drummers do it all the time, even the idea of a full recording of a string section etc is feasible if fully orchestrated.

The price suggested is laughably low of course, even for a multi-song session in Croatia - assuming a 3hr session, maybe 2 per day (don't know how it works there but that's usual here) you're still looking at a realistic maximum of 3 straightforward tracks/session, which is more than $300/day I would have thought for a quartet plus studio.

This sort of thing isn't really aimed at bedroom producers; it's aimed at pro releases with no facilities to do this. Trouble is, unless you're really remote, in any larger city it's easy to do non-remotely.

Simple answer is try it - work out what the reasonable rate is, offer sessions for that fee, and see how it goes. It's just another session, after all.