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This is great to hear. All this Klasik feedback from you guys is making me excited and want a listen now! My only problem is I live in Denver, Colorado and there is no retail seller here after searching. Same thing with the Amphion One's, no retailer. So I'm defiantly interested in the APS Klasik. Hmm would be nice to hear them if I could.

So from you Klasik owners. I'd like to hear about how they translate when mixing. Any fatigue from long usage? I can't stand a super bright sound in the highs, I have pretty bad tinnitus so they need to be pleasant. Also do you think these would be a good monitor for mixing dance music? I know some of you above said you just got them and are still breaking them in. Give me an update on these when you can. I want to know all the details. Especially if I have to make a blind purchase.