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New ZULU Thread

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this morning and spent the day putting it through it's paces. Didn't quite get it at first but discovered it's really, really tweakable. Once I found the sweet spot for me, and did the first listening tests, I almost peed my pants. This box sounds better than any reel to reel I ever had in the past. Really does that velvety tape thing well. I have an Aphex 125a preceeding it and driving ZULU pretty hard. Then I have the ZULU output going into the line inputs of a DBX 386 pre. The best tape sound I was able to get from ZULU came from having the switches on the back set to position1: TK;
Used the Pro setting for the deck, bias half way up (6 clicks from the lowest position); no Enhancement; and the Headroom controls on the highest setting. I'll probably just leave everything that way. I used a couple previous CDs I'd done that were all digital and kind of cold sounding. I split the signal and set the dry and processed through ZULU lines side by side on my console and carefully matched levels. Switching back and forth, I couldn't believe how great ZULU sounded and how much like the best tape sound I could ever dream of getting. Let the buzz begin. This box is the real thing. I predict it will leave all other tape emulation software or hardware in the dust.