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Old 8th March 2017
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I've only had my Klasiks for a few days now, but I don't find them hyped at all. I would describe them as revealing. I listened to a handful of bands yesterday, like Snarky Puppy, Jacob Collier, Connect.Ohm, and handful of others. I noticed a lot of small details with these speakers, everything sounded nice, but these speakers will let you hear what's going on in a mix. Low end was clean, and separation was nice down there. But if there was saturation added to a kick or synth, you hear it easily. Highend was the same way, cymbals and horns didn't sound harsh at all in the mixes I had going, but I was hearing more mouth noises than before.

I have the tweeters set at -1.5 for now. I'm letting them break in more and so I get used to the aluminum tweeter. Bass is left in extended mode, haven't messed with that. I want to mix on them for a month or two so that I am really used to them.