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How is a b nat in a b minor chord? I thought i was only playing notes in b minor?
The short answer is that it's not that big of a deal to have notes that aren't in the key. In music theory there are many 'reasons'. It could be a passing tone, like in this bass line where it's just walking up to the next chord tone, or it can be a chord tone that is from a chord that isn't diatonic, it could be borrowing from minor, etc.

The longer answer is if you want to get into funk/blues/soul/gospel- IE the Black American musical tradition, you aren't always going to be able to apply "inside the box" thinking. IMO the best analogy here is slang in language- It's not always grammatically (music theoretically) *correct*. That's what makes a bro from E St Louis sound different than a Harvard eng teacher- and that's also similar to what makes DeBarge sound different than Yanni.

In my view, pedagogical music theory suffers from a pretty bad case of 'white privilege'...which is to say that if you go buy a random music theory book, or google music theory etc, it's gonna be teaching you to sound more like Yanni then DeBarge. It's the same language though, so you can still learn from that book, just don't get too hung up on *the rules*. Learning by ear is the best thing you can do along with finding some people to jam with who come from this musical tradition.