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Ok thanks for the feedback.

The Focal CMS 65 seems like great speakers and I have a few buddies with them, my only concern is a few people including my friend says it can be a little harsh in the highs. What do you think about that? They are very detailed sounding. Most people say I should just keep my Adam A7x's because of how flat they are in highs, but I can't get a good mix out of the Adam's period. So maybe I need to consider the Neumann kh120a and or just try out the Focal CMS and just return them if I don't like them.
I had Adams A7X for about a year back in 2011 and I agree with you about their sound. For me they were very fatiguing, had piercing highs, gave me headaches. CMS65 OTOH are not harsh at all, I could work on them all day, with great results.

If A7X are not working for you than APS Klasik probably won't too (similar, scooped low mids, bump in higher midrange and highs but less fatiguing), but the best thing to do is try for yourself Happy hunting!