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I had the Klasiks for 2 weeks in my studio a while ago, compared them directly with Focal CMS 65. Klasiks are hyped in lows and highs - good for beatmaking etc, not so good for mixing IMO. Also they are rear ported which makes things difficult in smaller rooms. CMS 65 are way better for mixing and listening in general (again - IMO), I had them for about 2 years and recently switched to Focal Trio 6 BE.
I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I have a small yet treated room and I own a pair of klasiks. They are the most accurate speaker ive ever heard. I however, have not personally owned the cms65s but my mixes translate flawlessly every time.

How I get it sounding in my studio is exactly how it translates every where else. The sounds are super tight and un-hyped imo. Very natural/neutral sounding speaker. Maybe your room doesnt play very nice with them cause they're the most phenomenal well rounded speaker I've ever heard(in the that price range). Again, havent used the cms65, but I've heard a lot of speakers including the a77x by adams and I think my klasik sound about as good for a fraction of the cost.

35hz to 25khz with a +- of 2db. They are insanely accurate for a full range speaker. No sub required. I personally don't like subs given that they require so much tinkering and almost always give you some kind of phasing issues.