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I think so, but if in doubt I am sure the AMW association would probably more than happy to supply more info as their goal seems to be crossplatform compatibility.
there are a couple of issues with AAF, not huge, but worth bearing in mind.
first, AAF-XML is due out very soon, which is semantically the same as AAF but syntactically uses XML rather than the rather crusty current format. i have been advised by guys in the AMW that this is the "new standard" and that for Ardour we should probably wait for it to emerge (not sure i agree with this, but that was the advice).

secondly, i have it on some authority that, not entirely unexpectedly, ProTools writes technically non-standard AAF files. so if you want to import a session exported from PT using AAF, the importer has to handle not just AAF but Digi's version of it. i believe that the variances are small and possibly even defensible, but as far as i know, special handling is not needed for steinberg, cakewalk, magix or other AAF-exported sessions.