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how to sync

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So how does other software handle when it ends up off by a frame? Do they drop frames or insert silence?
ObDawHead: basically, you run a DLL that constantly adjusts to the apparent speed of the master. when enough frames have been dropped, you have to flag an error, but its not really a problem to drop one or two MTC quarter frames. that said, i've yet to see any system where you drop any MTC "packets", ever.

for SMPTE, transmission is even more reliable (its just a single channel of audio), so the errors are really all at the master end, and that ol' man DLL, he jus' keeps on rolling along ....

the hard part of sync is handling the many varieties of Frames Per Second settings - drop, non-drop, pull up, pull down and so forth. i was very happy to deputize the development of that code to a guy who totally understood it, having implemented it before for Jazz++ (the first and oldest MIDI+audio sequencer for linux) and a few other systems.

this all assumes you can do global varispeed. i don't know if reaper can do that sort of thing.