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i assume you are talking about the numerical peak values that Span displays and not the spectrum view ?
if that is the case, i have found Span to be accurate as can be with it's measurements/values.
if you play something, and Span gives you the peak value, you can be assured that is the peak value (+/- 0.01 dBFS). unless of course there is a bug somewhere.
it will even show # samples clipped, which is also accurate.
are there better meters ? of course. it all depends on what you are looking for.
which trivial value would you like to have ?

if you are talking about the spectrum view and it's accuracy, there are a lot of variables to that and some background knowledge of how they work to set them properly for the occasion. but in short, i think Span is the best plug-in analyzer. everyone will say a different one. that should tell you something. so pick the one with your favorite colors.