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Hi Brad,

It was only about 2 years ago so I'm guessing mkii's, and yes they were active. They were demo models too so should have been well worn in. It could just be that the 25s sounded so much nicer to me it left me feeling the 20s were nasty, and I might not have thought quite as strongly had I not heard side by side, but I remember I put the 20s up first and thought they sounded really hard & prominent between 800hz to 3k, not nice to listen to. Reminded me more of computer speakers in that they sounded plastic. Maybe I got a duff pair. I was so used to the sound of the 50s, I felt what I got was really very far removed from that with the 20s.
Interesting. Sure isn't my experience with customers here in the US but demos are confusing things: sometimes you get an odd result. Rooms, front end and music choice on the demo can so affect perception. I have had some demos "not work" before, demos that don't fit with the collective result. I found when I revisit it later, under different set of circumstances, I got results more in line with experience.

I know quite a few customers that prefer 20s to 25s! They think the 20s are MORE like the 50s than 25s.