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For what it's worth I tried the 20s alongside the 25s for our editing room and kept the 25s. I thought the 20s sounded nasty in the mids compared to the 25s, not enjoyable to listen to. <SNIP>
That's a very unique experience, can't say I had that comment before. Was it 20 mk2's? active? Maybe older 20s with VIFA, which I thought was harsh. But that was almost 20 years ago and before ATC made their own tweeter. The next upgrade brought a SEAS tweeter, which was smoother and nicer.

The 25s do indeed go lower than 20 mk2s The 20 mk2s have the same tweeter as current production 50s and they are sonically very similar to 50s as they use an ATC SL woofer and ATC tweeter. The 25s use the same midrange as the 50s, but different tweeter and different kind of ATC woofer, more similar to our new SCM12. Warm is a the feeling of this woofer.