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Old 28th February 2017
For what it's worth I tried the 20s alongside the 25s for our editing room and kept the 25s. I thought the 20s sounded nasty in the mids compared to the 25s, not enjoyable to listen to. We've got 50s in our two other rooms and playing them alongside the 25s, they're brighter, so I can understand a few comments about top end above, seems like the 25s don't feel as forward or present. To me the 25s sound way fuller than the 20s, more like a full range speaker. They're a really nice speaker. I didn't recognise the 20s as being part of the same family, I didn't think anything sounded very good on them, but the 25s are much more the little brother to the 50s. I guess try them for yourself, they might be just what you want. I didn't want them as a main speaker but I can see they might be useful as a reference. Depends what you like to hear.