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Hey Tchad!! i was looking at buying an api discrete console a few years back. During my research, i found that there were really only 6 of them made, and only 4 left in existence. I was told that (at the time) you were possibly going to purchase the one up in New England.

1. did you buy that one??
2. if not (or so) do you liked to mix on a specific colsole?

I ask because there is a definitive sound to what you do. It's not just personality, it is a sonic imprint. I have recommended you as mixer on several records. I hope the latest will work out.

THX for all that. I don't recall ever being in a position to buy an API desk. Mucho dinero and mucho TLC. I love them though and if money were no object I'd have one. But things as they are I'm the proud owner of a DD ICON which I think I'm getting good results out of. I'm using the URS API EQ's which are great. A/B'd them against my set of vintage 550a's on vocals and when solo'd I could hear a difference, but couldn't tell you which was 'better', just different. In the track though I couldn't hear the difference at all. So I'm a happy clam. Still trying to figure out what I like to do in this new format. I won't say it's easy. Just experiment, experiment........