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Old 24th February 2017
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in my perception especially the ambient genre is suffering big time under the internet 4.0 induced short term attention span that people are willing to give to most things - listening to music being one of them.
the whole concept of an artist album that you are willing to expose yourself to (several times) in a row), seems kinda outdated.
the whole scene is much more single oriented than it ever was. as a download this cuts it down ever further to just one track.
one track can be all or nothing to you, but it doesn't create the aura or microcosmos of a complete (ambient) album.
as trends create reactions or contra trends, i am pretty confident that people will be more open to different formats again and they will be rrady for that "om" experience when really allowing music in your body, mind and soul.
the ressurgence of the record player in hipster homes seems like a start. records simply require a bit more dedication than zapping through mp3s on your phone / computer.
ambient will heal our living rooms first, then the rest of the world.