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Temple here,
I noticed this thread because of the dimensions of the room this guy is working with, Mine is nearly identical:
17.5'L x 11.5' W x 8.5' H. I have 3 pipes of differing diameters intersecting the rear of the room, { 5"D x 11' going the width of the room and then straight down, 5"D x 17.5' going 7.5' and then turning 45 degrees toward the front of the room to the opposite wall and then down, and 3.5"D x 17.5 going the length of the room and straight out the rear wall} they crisscross in the left rear corner of the room forming a triangle with the front of the triangle about 4.' away from the left rear corner of the room. Aside from the acoustical noise they generate with the sound of water traveling through them, I am curious as to whether they are acoustically significant, and if so how to treat them. I planned on putting acoustical wrap around each pipe to silence the water noise, but how to treat them acoustically in terms of reflections? I had considered putting a screen mesh angled from wall to ceiling to cover them up, and then stuffing the cavities full of leftover R13 UT insulation, to using them as hangers of extra guitar cases, to building a triangular drywall sub-ceiling/cloud filled with R13
to cover the whole mess, and using the left rear corner as the mix position. Any other ideas worth reconsidering in this instance?
I am tired of musing upon it...


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