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Here for the gear

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Just as an aside: We had a lot of problems with our 16 tack MCI machine in the van I mentioned above. Tape machines do not take kindly to shocks and bumps and dirt and temperature variation that are part of the whole "analog in a van" on the road approach.

I guess with a good anti-vibration platform and keeping the recorder under wraps you may not have the same problems we had. We had to align the machine on site every time we moved it which takes time and skills that a lot of audio engineers today don't have. It also takes test tapes and test equipment.


Thomas ,
Many moons ago I used to work on a mobile facility that had 2x MCI 24 tracks. It was my job to line up the machines and yes we had to do it every single time we had a gig . The electronics would drift a lot from day to day .Maintenance was ongoing all the time... those were the days ! I'm hoping the Yamaha stuff is a little more reliable .