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Old 23rd April 2007
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I'm not sure what Justin is saying when he says the plan is to make Reaper only trigger to midi and not "full sync".

For any type of pro integration, a daw needs to be able to sync (chase and lock)to at least incoming common smpte frame rates (via available timecode inputs available at the sound card) , even if via midi time code. That's the requirement for slaving a daw to tape ..or to other daws ....or outside synchronizers or anything else.

I'm not sure what Justin is stating in the reply to the slave sync question or why the code would be such a big deal to implement in a couple of days. After all, EVERY major piece of recording sequencer/audio recorder has the ability to slave sync at least at the frame level, if not sample. This goes for Cakewalk/Digidesign/ twenty year old ATARI 1040s with old old old Mastertracks programs AND the old ancient Doctor T KCS programs from last century...AND every standalone black box recorder made from yesterday back to 1987.

They all slave and they all do it well. After the number of requests that have come in to Justin, I'm thinking he believes it's harder to implement than it really is.
I do hope you're right!

So how does other software handle when it ends up off by a frame? Do they drop frames or insert silence?