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Old 17th February 2017
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Lol! I get you. :D

Yeah, fam! LA all day! lol. I work at CicLAvia as well, we're having one of our events March 26th. It's Culver Meets Venice. We'll be riding from the Culver City metro stop to the waterfront. Come out and enjoy it, man. And if you ever wanna collab with a Hip Hop artist, hit me up.

Much love!
right on on both counts ... !! that route goes within 1/2 mile of my place .. Hip Hop would be interesting .. would be way different from anything i have ever done and i have big respect for the guys that can Rap .. met a woman at Hinanos that after a few beers was rapping in my ear and she was good !!! loved it .. love the cadence ..

stay dry today ... really coming down !!!