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yo toketronic,
i'm afraid i can't add anything useful to this.
although i did study audio engineering at sae in 1990 i never really established a real nerdy / technical approach / method of producing.
to me the actual sound source matters most.
especially if depth is an issue, i would recommend experimenting with miking up line sources like synthesizers & drum machines not only guitars and (electric) pianos.
of course, the distance of the mike to the cabinet also plays a big role and can exagerate the effect. the miking isn't only good for adding depth to your mix, it can also help to get rid of unwanted exessive frequencies.
a mix based on mic recordings tends to come out lighter and clearer, if compared to a line mix.
i am by no means an expert in outboard gear or sotware simulations of outboard gear.
to me it's about the original tone and the right levels, mainly.
everything else i would leave up to a mastering engineer whom i trust.