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that's a very good question drix!
in the good old days of the 90s before there was harddisk based multitrack recording we either did live recordings on 2 trk master (cassette, reel to reel later DAT).
or alternatively include an analog 8-track reel to reel with smpte timecode, to multitrack and have your atari (or mac) slaved to the tape.
these 2 chan recordings had a much more exclusive aura: as you said no mix could be recreated the same way => every mix was unique. a quality/feature that i am missing in modern times music production. it is rather annoying how you can have 200 different versions using 200 elements wih 200 vstis...
not very helpful, if there is no end and no limit to what you can do.
but on the other hand i gathered hours of 2track live recordings that would have been great, if not this hi hat or that bassline...
so, nowadays i am also multitracking my mixer channels with the DAW.
i am using two mackie firwire mixers.
the problem with this is that if i wanna "make" a track in the mixer (my recording outs are patched post fader - so at least my fader movements (aka arrangement) is recorded), the problem is exactly as you say: what with the effects?
if i use them on aux the effect channel will carry a mix of instruments according to the aux settings on the desk.
if i later decide drop one element but it is in the effect it means that i have drop the whole effect chan.
a realy problem!
either with aux effects but limited control in the arrangement or alternatively recording all dry and overdub the effects - but then you lose the 100% live feeling.
i haven't really figured it out yet.
perhaps what i'm gonna try next is exclusive fx per element. this way i could record a real live take/mix/sound again, but now the fx would be integral part of the elements - if i realize i don't like the effect setting, i can forget about the element unless i split the dry and the effect signal when recording which would result in a higher number of total tracks...
as you can see, i'm still at the exploring stage myself.