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HI Tchad,
you mentioned in another thread that you are starting to mix a lot more in the box because you're learning how to.
What plug ins/techniques have you discovered to help achieve the sound you're after?
Lots of great stuff out there. URS API EQ is my fav. Massey MT4 compressor for light level control. Compressors are the week link for me just now. They're great at doing a job and being transparent but I usually want a bit of character in a compressor which I still only get in the analog world. Tape simulators give the most character compress I've heard so far such as Massey and McDSP.
Eventide Omnipressor comes very close to real fun. DD Smack is good.
URS, Massey, McDSP, Soundtoys, Phoenix, Prosonique, SSL, iZotope, Ohmboyz. All great.
Audioease stuff blows me away. Can't wait for Speakerphone.

I set PT up like a normal desk. API EQ and MT4 on every channel before I start. Many of them won't get used but I have an ICON which works well like this. Sometimes feels like I haven't changed things so much from being at an analog desk. It's taken me six solid months of recording and mixing this way to START feeling comfortable but I'm lovin it now.