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Thank you for taking the time. A few more specific questions if you have the time. First yous last statement pretty much leads to my second question which is the usefulness of the compressors included on the channel strips? I know they are a vca based comp, I know they will not sound like my FET III and as you have stated that do not do a lot of mixing may make this harder to answer?

Finally, I see from your profile pic that you may well be using tape any tracking to digital?

Thanks again.
I'll try and keep the tech to a minimum here so please bare with me.

You couldn't practically have a fet type comp on every channel. Just not really possible. However the signal path in the Daking mk2 is class a. Here is the little rub. Most vca's have a regular opamp at the back end as a current amplifier. This keeps most vca comps running class b. Geoff and Dave t are using a vca without any opamp at the end. Now they can use a custom single ended class amp for the current gain at the back end. It's really amazing how doing this makes the comp sound sooo much better. Really big and smooth. I hope you give Geoff a call and check this desk out! There is really nothing else like it on the market!