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Lives for gear

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I own a buzz with active lf cards but from what ive heard the emi units would compliment the sound of that unit nicely. I'm still just trying to figure out the worth in today's market value. Big purchase with no guarantees or warranties like new gear. If i do end up getting some more info and purchasing them ill for sure let you know how they stack up!
Good luck and I hope you get them if you'll put them to use! If you can get them for $4k per module I'd take that offer if they work and you've got the money. I think that's a fair price, but due to the "collectors" value I'd expect the asking price to be more in the $12k-$15k range for a pair, but that's just a wild guess. For that price there are lots of other tools that will do the job for a lot less, and I hate seeing the price of great classic gear being driven up by collectors. The people that use the stuff should be able to afford it.

Have you looked into a Chandler curve bender to see if that could possibly be an alternative? It has the advantage of not only a warranty, but also the possibility of a demo period. Also, I used to use the now discontinued Abbey Road plugins including this EQ, and while I know it wouldn't compare to the real thing they were still some of my favorite plugins ever. It's a shame they discontinued support for them.