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Cool Hardware Workflow and FXs

Hello David,

We met briefly once in weimar for an STFU event. I remember being mind blown by a techno set you played there. Was all but what I expected from you then. Also a lesson to learn not to expect.

I was wondering if you had some input on how you work regarding using hardware fxs and especially sends. I'm kind of struggling on how to best work with mine. I try multi-tracking from my machines and mix ITB and then do overdubbing (sending channels to fxs and live tweaking of delays etc.) and recording the master from my desk. But that implies that not one take will ever be the same.

I understand you work "live" and overdub quite a lot, doing so do you multi-track and then mix ITB? If so, how? How do you go around recording hardware fx "automation" and the signal going to and from the hardware fx boxes?

Maybe a better way of putting it is what is your workflow and setup?

Thank you for doing this, and even more so for putting so much great music out there.