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hi Tchad,

You're in my opinion, the most creative engineer/mixer in the business. Every time I read something by you, it's so unique that i have to read it a few times before I get a visual of what the hell you're doing. You're rule when i hear your records is that there are no rules and you like to shake it all up every chance you get...god bless ya. Anyway, enough of the ass kissing. I own a shure level lock because of something you wrote about it. I have yet to make it sound good. is it broken or can you enlighten me on what you do with it that works so well for you and why I keep shaking my head when i try it? Keep up the great work and I'm very excited that you're here for the month...gonna be keeping my ear to the ground this month. As we say in my neck of the're the tits.

Michael Brauer
Hi Michael, I kiss your ass right back.
Level Locs are strange beasts. I own 5 and only one works now. Every now and then you find someone who knows the way of the Loc and can coax them back to life. When working they give you masses of slow, undulating, distorted compression.
They were made for low spl, i.e. talking humans, so when placed after a mic that's close to a drum kit they go wild.
Remember, it's a mic level unit and sends need to be padded way down when using at line level, which doesn't work as well in my opinion.
If it's been hooked up to a full line level signal, it's blown.

all the best Michael,