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Setting up a live electronic event in South London - anyone interested in playing?


[Firstly, sorry Mods, not sure where best to post this, if allowed at all... it is specifically about electronic music, but please move it where it's meant to be...]

I'm setting up an electronic night at a venue in Tooting, south London and am looking for people/acts with sets to play. Interested?

The emphasis is using hardware live so no laptops, no DJs, it's not a club night, more like an informal gig night, but focusing on electronic music.

Other instruments ok too, but want to avoid big band setups.

You don't have to be super pro, just be musically/sonically interesting.

Date will depend on having enough interest artists, but should then have a few options.

Will you be paid? Probably not, but equally you won't be asked to drum up a crowd and sell tickets, so just focus on enjoying it.

Get in touch if you'd be interested in playing!


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