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knowing when "it's done" when mixing

Thanks Tchad!
I realize every artist will vary when it comes to this...but...Budget aside...With the seemingly endless options we have in the rec studio these days,It's easy to keep working on something till it's overbaked.When mixing,How or when do you come to the point where you say"this is done"...especially if like Peter Gabriel is down the hall after recording something over a 10 year period.Not an easy task to say"yeah,here it is Pete"...or mabie it is!Is there a specific sound you like to arrive at that you have in mind or is your approach to mixing more trial and error before you go back to things you know that have worked for you in the past.Is there a final inspection you go through before inviting everyone in to listen or sending a mix off.Do you put the mix on your ipod/earbuds and go for a bike ride?Or..(joking here)do you just say to the artist I didn't use the the other 96 tracks of ideas because they really compete that killer vocal" or.....and finally...what is the most time you've spent mixing a song?-Sorry if this got more involved!