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Low cost tweed amp kits have been on the market for years.
It's a different kind of product. People interested in DIY will not buy an assembled unit, and people who are not interested in DIY will not buy a kit.
Besides, kits are not what I call low cost.

From what I've learned doing DIY, it almost always ends up being more expensive than buying a finished product, if you consider the time that has to be invested into research and building, different tools, etc.
There is economy of scale, so you can save money with DIY but only in the long run if you want to build a lot of stuff.
I do it because I love (building) gear - probably even more than actually using it.

Originally Posted by kafka View Post
John is spot on about this. The circuits are nothing...

Maybe you could come up with your own special thing, but I wouldn't make it look like a Fender Tweed if I did....
Surely, the circuits are something

If I would change layout and chassis, then it would be my own thing.
I'm not ready for that yet though, will stick with tweeds in custom cabs for now.

Originally Posted by kafka View Post
There was actually exactly one Fender tweed Bassman head/cab, with the controls on top, made back in the 50's. I forget where I saw it, maybe in one of the Guitar Amp Books. Cool as hell.
I could make a headshell for a bassman (or any other tweed combo), in the same style of the headshell I did for the champ (it would be 1.5x times wider).
I'm working on a 5e3 headshell right now.