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Old 21st April 2007
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Video and Beats

Hi Justin, good to see you here!

I'm curious about a few features /direction I haven't seen discussed: you plan to get that up to post stage in future versions? I know there's a few users from Vegas who might be worried considering how Vegas went regarding audio, so I'm guessing audio will take priority first. But, if I get into video in the future, I'd prefer to stick with Reaper.

Also on that note, do you plan to have add-on packs for larger features like video, to keep the install size down?

Audio Quantizing...have you any plans to expand on this, say mapping grids to freetime tunes or beatslicing/shuffling tricks? The way you can edit drums in Reaper now is awesome btw. I'd like to see the best features of Beat Detective, BeatQuantizer and LiveSlice added if possible.