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Test the limiters with gunshots. Then you will know if they are truly effective. A 9mm or .223 about ten feet away is a good test. If you can still hear conversations and no clipping on the gun shots at 140~150 db, it's working good.

If your recorder fails that test, you are then equipped to end it's life quickly.
I wonder? With unprotected hearing on the range a 9mm is annoying, a .223 hurts, when the guys get out the bigger stuff I want to be more than 10 feet away even with hearing protection. I hope you are using a nice cheap low sensitivity dynamic microphone.

And, it doesn't matter if gunshots clip anyway, they are already square waves. So if you can hear the conversation, and the gunshots do not damage the equipment is what I guess you are saying.

The loudest noise I have ever heard is a Harrier jet hovering about a thousand feet from the grandstands at an airshow. Record that and play it back at live levels in your living room and you will be replacing your windows and maybe your plaster. That was maybe 150db and went on seemingly forever, although I guess he only hovered out there for about a minute or there would have been lawsuits for hearing loss, it did leave me with a headache.

Once again, I am making a point here. You can always exceed the capabilities of the equipment if you do not know what you are doing. If you do know what you are doing your can do pretty darn well with rather modest equipment.