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Here's a comparison of the F8 and an SD 633 illustrating the action of the limiters.

After looking at Judd's article, I want to talk more about recording levels.

I took my Zoom F4 out to the park when I first got it to try it out. I used my blimped Audio Technics AT4073A (for those who do not know that old shotgun mic, it is probably one of the most sensitive mic's ever made).

Wow, terrible, I set my gain levels for a nice strong signal. Cars driving by on the road a 1/4 mile away drown out the sounds I was trying to record. Then, sitting on one of the park benchs, I pointed the mic at a jet flying miles above me up in the sky and it recorded quite clearly.

At that point I realized I had the gain set way too high, because I could not hear that jet with my ears. I turned the gain down, down, down. Somewhere about -32dbFS the extraneous sounds quieted down and the sounds I wanted became dominant.

The point here is that normally film types are not recording in a sound proof studio, but out in the real world. We can not record at maximum levels or we pick up too much garbage.